The Studio



This is the control room of JMH Studio, a studio privately owned by the company founder and often affiliated with Squank Entertainment music productions. In-depth waveform editing is available both on individual tracks or when mastering entire mixes working with proprietary recordign hardware in addition to a Pro Tools DAW.



The "Drum Vault" gained its name from the fact that the single entrance, made of two sets of heavy double doors, is accessed through the maintenance garage and workshop, which in a manner separates it from the rest of the studio. It is a floating room, meaning the floor sits on specially designed isolation blocks and is not connected to the walls. This allows increased isolation from outside noise and less sound absorbtion.

The main sound room pictured is where the various musicians will be during recording. It is also where most acoustic instruments and vocals are recorded. Despite the 10ft ceiling it is relatively dampened acoustically. A pleasant natural acoustic ambience.


The lounge is where people will hang out and socialize, have a meal or snack, etc. It doubles as a studio apartment on occasion, having a full bathroom and laundry room (not pictured).

To the left is the studio workshop. It is used for anything from repairs to custom fabrication.

The amp room is an isolation room (shown right in an old picture). With greatly deadened acoustics, there is almost no reflections with high sound absorption.




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